Welcome to my little corner of the musical web. Here you will find child development appropriate and FUN music activities that you can use with your classroom or children. My friend Mindi and I volunteer one day a week to teach music to the kids at school since they don't have access to a music teacher. It is rewarding and fun, and it is here that I will be posting about what we do, what works, what doesn't, and other music teaching ideas. We are not trained musicians. We are moms who can sing a little, play the piano a little, but mostly we just love music as a hobby and see the benefits of giving children a musical education.

About Me

This is me! Not a selfie queen, but I do love music. I wish I had more natural music ability, but that's okay, because it makes me know this is true all the more:

If I can do it, YOU can do it, too!

This music curriculum concept started when I began volunteering at my own children's elementary school to teach music, and I couldn't find what I wanted. 

If you are interested in a short resume, I have a B.A. in Child Development, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (California), and I am currently working on a post graduate degree that has absolutely nothing to do with teaching or music or kids. I have been teaching music to elementary students on a volunteer basis with my friend Mindi for two years. I can sing a little (alto!) and can play the piano. I am teaching myself how to play the guitar and can play a few chords a long with songs I like. 

I also have four kids who are my very own test group and helpers all in one. If you listen to audio, you will hear their voices because I make them sing with me!